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Aquatechno is dedicated to support you at every step of your project. You will benefit from the advice and services of some of the best engineers, architects and pool builders in the industry. Once the project is complete, Aquatechno will provide you with ongoing services for maintenance, repair and training. Each project is unique, which is why our experts will take the time to understand your vision, analyze all your needs and consider your budget.

We will come to see your facilities and take the time to answer all your questions. Above all, we want to ensure the quality, durability and safety of your aquatic facilities.

Our customized solutions will allow you to reduce your energy consumption, lower your maintenance costs and optimize the performance of your mechanical systems.

  • Services of Engineers, Architects and Pool Builders

  • Services for Maintenance, Repair and Training

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Before the groundbreaking of your aquatic facility, it is important to analyze the needs and ask the right questions to design an optimal plan. Whether it is for the construction of a water park, a recreational, competition, hotel, rooftop or wellness pool as well as a spa, Aquatechno has the expertise to provide you with a plan that will allow you to benefit from a unique, attractive and profitable aquatic facility.

What systems will you use? What are the operating costs in the short-, medium- and long-term? What are the possible contingencies? Which design will best suit your needs and those of your clients?

  • Elements that your expert can address during the design phase of your aquatic project.

We will also take the time to discuss with your company’s management to provide them with a detailed written proposal that will include various state-of-the-art options and solutions to make your aquatic facility attractive and profitable. Your dreams and imagination will come alive through the design proposals.


Once the design phase is complete and budgets have been approved, it is time to break ground. This is an exciting moment for your team who worked hard for several months to see this project take shape.

Aquatechno is recognized not only for the quality of its design, but also of the partners it has been dealing with for many years for the construction of all types of aquatic facilities. Such construction requires excellent planning and experienced professionals who will be able to carry out the proposed plan with attention to detail and precision.

We are committed to meeting the deadlines, conditions and approved budget during the design phase. Nothing is left to chance and your project manager will keep you informed throughout this phase. If changes are required for reasons beyond our control, your manager will inform you in order to reach a satisfactory solution. It is an extremely stressful project, and we will do our utmost to minimize stress by shouldering all of the responsibility.

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In addition to construction projects, Aquatechno’s experts can also advise you and manage aquatic facility renovation projects. Such projects can sometimes be even more complex than a new construction, as they require working with existing equipment.

Our professionals will take the time to discuss the renovations with you and offer you state-of-the-art solutions that will be profitable for your business in the long term. Before carrying out the renovations, we will evaluate the efficiency of your current mechanical systems and your equipment in general. Even if your renovation project involves a pool, it can sometimes be a great opportunity to change certain pieces of equipment or mechanical systems that will be cost-effective by means of technologies that will allow you to save more on the number of products used or the energy consumed.

Our customized aquatic solutions will allow you to take advantage of a plan adapted to your needs, your reality and, above all, your budget. We are fully aware that a project to renovate your aquatic facilities will have an impact on your clients. This is why we are committed to respect the agreed deadlines promptly.

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Repair and Maintenance

Aquatechno offers a repair and maintenance service for equipment such as:


Water Heater

Circulation Pumps

Chemical Supply systems

Ozone Treatment systems

Water Chemistry control systems

UV Systems

And More!

If you do not have the required qualified staff, we offer a regular maintenance service to make sure that your equipment remains in good condition and operates at maximum capacity, thus ensuring its longevity and efficiency. While performing maintenance, Aquatechno’s expert will also be able to prevent water leaks, cracks in the piping and more by checking the condition of the equipment.

If you suspect anything regarding your equipment, do not hesitate to contact your Aquatechno expert who can advise you on what to do next.

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Training and Consultation

We realize that you and your team might not be technical experts in aquatic facilities. This is why Aquatechno offers training and consultation sessions on the equipment and products you have purchased. Did you know that we regularly organize Lunch & Learn sessions during which you can learn a lot about your facilities? These training sessions take place directly in our showroom in Montréal.

We can also offer you customized consulting services. Our experts will go directly to your aquatic facility to train your staff on the use and operation of the equipment. Your team will be able to learn more about topics such as filtration, disinfection, water testing, chemical treatments, facility management, safety, problem-solving, preventive maintenance, human resource management, health considerations and more. Such training will allow you to solve many problems by yourself without having to call on one of our experts.

Managing an aquatic facility and related equipment is very complex and we are committed to prepare you adequately by remaining available as long as you work with our products and equipment.

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